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Pay without a Debit/Credit card

Credit Cards
Credit Repair
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£5.50 each or all 3 for £12.95
Save £3.55

These Credit Files
are for the UK only

Please make Cheque payable to CDC and send order to

Enterprise House
14 Market Street
CH41 5ER


This Order Form is for Cheque/Postal Order.

Or you can use Online Banking without a credit or debit card

The Credit Card File, Credit Repair File and Borrower's File are available at just £5.50 each or in a package price of £12.95

They are for use in the UK and are not relevant outside of the UK. We can mail the printed manuals to you or you can download the files now. There is a postage charge of £1 for manuals by mail - Total Cost £13.95

You can download the files now, whether you are paying by cheque or credit card. This is a self extracting file. Save the file to your computer and then run the program. It will ask for a password to unlock the files.  The password will be supplied when we receive your order. The three files are in rich text format and can be opened in any word processor.

You can pay by cheque/Postal Order (UK only) using the Order Form below.

If you have online internet banking you can send payment directly to our bank account without using a credit or debit card.  Click here

ORDER FORM for Cheque/PO orders.
(You should have Java enabled to use this form)

Everything you enter will be kept strictly confidential. It will NOT be handed out to any third party nor used for unsolicited email.
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Post Code UK ONLY*
Order Value (plus £1 postage for Manuals by mail)

If you are downloading the file an unlock code will be sent to you,
or the manuals can be sent by post or as an email file attachment.

Download (Password will be sent to you. Click here to DOWNLOAD the file
File Attachment sent by Email
Printed Manuals By Mail £1 Postage

Payment by  Cheque/PO (payable to CDC)  Other

Please Enter Any Message or Comments

Please submit your order.
If you are paying by credit card you will be directed to our secure order page.


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